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Mutual funds in India have become one of the most popular investment choice for investors. The idea of mutual funds to buy takes place when investors pool their contribution for a specific fund objective. It provides excellent exposure through investment advisors that share their knowledge of wealth distribution with the investor. With professional management, diversification of portfolio has become possible. The returns from mutual funds are subjective to the mutual fund invested in, and these returns could be in the form of interest, dividend, profits, and hikes in the market rate.

Types of Mutual Funds in India

  • Equity funds– Investments are carried out by buying stocks of the company. According to the market conditions, the shareholder would get his returns. Simply put, whether loss or profit, both have to be borne by the shareholder.
  • Debt funds– These funds are invested in when we are looking at relatively smaller amounts. The investor is gets minimal assured returns by the end of his term
  • Hybrid funds– A combination of equity funds and debt funds are known as hybrid mutual funds. These mutual funds are best for investors who wish to test waters among equity and debt funds. The returns may vary according to the type of

Best Mutual Funds to Buy in India 2021:

Equity Funds

Fund Name Category 1Y 3Y 5Y 7Y 10Y
Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Large Cap 75.68% 16.93% 16.45% 15.03% 13.16%
Axis Long Term Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Tax Savings 70.35% 15.40% 16.06% 18.16% 17.68%
IIFL Focused Equity Fund -Regular Plan - Growth Focused 86.93% 20.29% 18.75% - -
Tata Large & Mid Cap Fund- Regular Plan - Growth Large & Mid Cap 88.51% 14.18% 14.39% 15.63% 13.85%
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund-Regular Plan-Growth Tax Savings 101.96% 17.60% 21.35% - -
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option Large & Mid Cap 100.71% 18.12% 21.43% 24.55% 22.26%
UTI - Flexi Cap Fund-Growth Option Cap 91.67% 18.54% 17.28% 16.93% 14.70%
Axis Midcap Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Mid Cap 74.60% 18.46% 19.07% 20.39% 18.21%
Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme - Growth Mid Cap 100.09% 13.66% 18.02% 22.45% 18.07%
SBI Small Cap Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Small Cap 106.14% 12.81% 20.60% 26.84% 21.31%
ICICI Prudential Technology Fund - Growth Technology 148.06% 28.33% 21.26% 19.68% 19.58%

Hybrid Funds

Fund Name Category 1Y 3Y 5Y 7Y 10Y
Aditya Birla Sun Life Regular Savings Fund - Growth / Payment - Regular Plan Conservative Hybrid Fund 30.90% 6.80% 9.13% 10.52% 10.10%
Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option Dynamic Asset Allocation 46.90% 12.91% 11.71% 12.43% 11.04%
ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund - Growth Dynamic Asset Allocation 53.55% 10.33% 11.70% 12.14% 12.59%
SBI Equity Hybrid Fund - Regular Plan -Growth Aggressive Hybrid Fund 54.84% 12.27% 12.98% 14.80% 13.39%
Axis Triple Advantage Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option Multi Asset Allocation 55.20% 11.94% 11.09% 10.06% 9.64%
Canara Robeco Equity Hybrid Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Aggressive Hybrid Fund 56.16% 13.47% 14.42% 15.43% 13.51%
Mirae Asset Hybrid-Equity Fund -Regular Plan-Growth Aggressive Hybrid Fund 62.41% 12.65% 14.10% - -
Kotak Asset Allocator Fund Growth Conservative Hybrid Fund 62.94% 14.56% 13.42% 14.89% 12.27%
HDFC Balance Advantage Fund - Growth Option Dynamic Asset Allocation 69.87% 10.10% 13.94% 13.67% 10.85%
Quant Multi Asset Fund-Growth Option Multi Asset Allocation 91.75% 16.36% 12.23% 10.93% 9.63%

Debt Funds

Fund Name Category 6M 1Y 3Y 5Y 7Y 10Y
SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Medium Duration Fund 2.87% 11.37% 9.18% 9.47% 10.05% 9.45%
Kotak Low Duration Fund- Regular Plan-Growth Option Low Duration Fund 1.98% 8.35% 7.43% 7.64% 8.12% 8.38%
DSP Low Duration Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Low Duration Fund 1.94% 7.44% 7.22% 7.29% - -
ICICI Prudential Short Term Fund - Growth Option Short Duration Fund 2.81% 11.01% 8.28% 8.20% 8.64% 8.67%
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan -Regular Plan- Growth Option Medium Duration Fund 1.81% 9.21% 8.02% 7.64% 8.06% 8.22%
Axis Strategic Bond Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option Medium Duration Fund 3.35% 10.30% 7.66% 8.21% 8.93% -
Nippon India Short Term Fund-Growth Plan Short Duration Fund 2.71% 9.64% 7.75% 7.59% 8.12% 8.33%
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Regular Plan- Growth Option Banking & PSU Fund 2.44% 12.19% 9.35% 8.21% 8.34% -
HDFC Corporate Bond Fund - Growth Option Corporate Bond Fund 2.67% 11.54% 8.92% 8.62% 8.91% 8.95%
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Regular Plan-Growth Corporate Bond Fund 2.22% 11.97% 9.53% 8.16% 8.37% 7.97%

Benefits of Mutual Fund Investment

  • Diversification– Mutual Funds are for every type of investor. Equity funds are more risk-based but have higher returns, debt funds have relatively low returns with less investment, whereas hybrid mutual funds have factors of equity and debt funds. This leads to diversification of wealth on basis of choice.
  • The Simplest way to meet financial goals– Through investment goal planning, a complete analysis of the investor and his goals is taken into consideration. Leading to diversification of investment to meet every investor’s need. A Mutual fund is presented to an investor that fulfils financial goals and encourages financial safety.

There has been a considerable shift in terms of choice of investment among Indians. With professional support, investing in mutual fund becomes convenient. Like said, better late than never, its time to invest in mutual funds for best returns.

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